Team ABC

Canadian Board of Governors for Association Burkina Canada.

Marlène Elias

Founder, member of Board of Directors

Marlène Elias is a scientist at Bioversity International, a research for development organisation working with partners worldwide to use and conserve agricultural and tree biodiversity for improved livelihoods, nutrition, sustainability and productive and resilient ecosystems. She has a PhD in Geography from McGill University, Canada, and specializes in gender and forestry using participatory research approaches. … Read More

Maro Adjemian

President, member of the Board of Govenors

Maro Adjemian currently teaches Humanities at Vanier College, in Montreal, where she lives with her husband and two children. Her courses focus on international environmental and social justice issues. Maro has an MA in Geography from McGill University, Canada. She specializes in sustainable livelihoods particularly for vulnerable rural populations, and she has worked, researched and … Read More

Greg Ramsay

Member of the Board of Governors

Greg Ramsay is currently a social worker in Geriatrics at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.   He previously spent several years working in the Emergency Department of the Royal Victoria Hospital with a wide variety of vulnerable populations.  He has also worked as a community organizer, coordinating a barter system which was a … Read More

Reid Cooper

Founder, Member of the Board of Directors

Reid Cooper is a Commonwealth Scholar and holds a PhD in Development Planning from the Development Planning Unit at University College London. He currently lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and two children. Reid works at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and at the University of Nottingham. His work focuses on livelihood … Read More

Nathalie Elias

Founder, Treasurer

Nathalie Elias is one of the original founders of Association Burkina Canada (ABC). Nathalie studied at the John Molson School of Business and completed her undergrad degree in 2000. She went on to work as a Management Consultant in the Pharmaceutical industry for the next seven years until the birth of her first daughter in … Read More